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© Joel Goodman - 07973 332324 . 12/05/2019 . Oldham , UK . BRIAN (c) , taken in by the Street Angels after falling over , is taken to Oldham hospital by volunteers Cllr. PETER DAVIS (56) and JEMMA HEAP (35) , who is also a registered nurse . After failing to find secure accomodation from service providers , the team decide it is safest to take the man to the waiting room of Oldham Hospital , which is open through the night and where he will be warm and sheltered . Volunteers from Oldham Street Angels offer a place for those in need to get food , drink and clothes from a base on Hunters Lane . They also engage in outreach with local businesses and the community , patrolling in the city area and helping vulnerable groups , including the homeless , those who have drunk too much or who are hurt . Photo credit : Joel Goodman